My Covid-19 Rant

After a really nice day of catching up with friends and family on the phone and celebrating my granddaughter’s 7th birthday, via a video chat, I decided to relax with a nice glass of wine and watch Grey’s Anatomy. As many television shows are doing, they are dealing with the pandemic in a way that is in no way down-playing the reality of what is happening.At the end of the show, after one of the doctor’s loses her mother to Covid, they showed a list of names…names of real people who have lost their lives to this pandemic. It was not a hugely long list but it made me think about exactly how many people have been lost to this horrible virus.

This virus was something we never expected. None of the medical experts knew exactly what they were dealing with, and they are still learning. But what made me cry, what has me crying hours later, is that this medical crisis has become so political. It has also made many people so mean to their fellow human beings…to their friends, neighbors and even to people they have never met.

As much as we cry, we will never spill enough tears to match the lives lost. Can we not just pull together as caring, empathetic people, and let the political differences go? Can we just help each other get through each day…because each day things get more difficult for all of us. It has been nine long months. We all wish that this had never happened. We wish that it was over.

But it is NOT over. And the only way it will be over is for all of us to do what is asked of us to make sure that we are part of the solution, not part of the problem. This is not a matter of taking away your rights…when asked to wear a mask, to stay home, to give up partying with your friends, just until we can get people vaccinated, just do it. Suck it up for the time it takes to get things back under control. So that people who are waiting for heart surgeries or treatments for their cancer or need to be in the hospital for any reason other than Covid, can get what they need to survive.Is that too much to ask?

Are we not all in favor of doing what we can to save lives and live together in peace? I am crying for humanity…for the kindness that seems to be lacking…for a world where we care about each other.

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