“The Times They Are a’Changing!”

This morning I was working on the computer, listening to Oldies, as I usually do when I am not listening to Classical music. The song “The Eve of Destruction” was playing in the background. It seemed fitting, although I don’t believe we are actually “on the eve of destruction”. The lyrics are more about what was happening at the time, but the main point hit home.

Soon after that song ended, Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are a’Changing” came on. Hmmm? Could this be a theme?

I am trying very hard to stay positive and not stress about what is going on with Covid 19. Most of the time I am fine. I am staying “connected” to family and friends in creative, virtual ways. My six- year- old granddaughter phones me many times a day using Messenger for Kids. I get to see both her, and my three-year-old grandson, and talk to them. They do science experiments and explain them to me. They act like silly children sometimes, making silly faces and noises, and that makes me so happy! My son and daughter-in-law are keeping the kids stimulated, active, involved with learning and, most important, aware that they are loved, safe and healthy.

We ARE, indeed, living in a new and very different world than we were only a short month ago. I am sure that the introverts are loving the part of this that allows them to do what is natural for them and not feel, in any way, “different” from the extroverts of the world.

I, myself, am a very social person. I love being with people. I also love and value my alone time. I don’t usually allow myself a lot of alone time as I am either working (Condo Board) or busy with friends. But the last three weeks have made me realize just how much I need to give myself permission to do my writing, learning, reading, meditating and being more mindful of what is going on in my life.

Even during these stressful times, when we are scrounging to find simple necessities for daily living (toilet paper, certain food, sanitizers and even prescription medications) there is so much to be grateful for in our lives. I find joy in almost everything I do. I am so very grateful for people posting amusing things about what is going on because, although this IS a very serious situation, laughter is, as they say, the best medicine.

There are things that I really miss in my everyday life. Playing pool each day with my two “Sharkettes” is one of the things I miss most. We laugh so much during those games. I miss being able to actually get together with friends and walk with them or go to lunch or to play Scrabble. I miss going dancing with Val. Most of all, I miss my family. I also miss being able to hug and touch those I love.

I am learning to live this new “virtual” life. I am taking tai chi classes “virtually” and can talk and interact with the instructor and the other participants. Thank goodness for that!

I have also learned, mostly on social media, that some people who I had previously thought were smart and caring are not at all who I thought they were. That part saddens me…a lot. I choose to surround myself (in person or even on social media) with people who are honest and caring. I understand that those who are glued to their televisions or radios or social media feeds might be influenced or affected in non-positive ways.

I had not watched the news for over three years before this virus arrived. At the start of all this, I did watch the news, but it was affecting me in ways that were totally negative and not good for my physical or emotional health. Now I listen (live) each day to the live update from our health professionals. I listen only to the facts. I limit my time on social media and skip over posts that I know would upset me. If I happen to miss parts of the daily update, I may put the news on for a few minutes in the evening.

Yes, the world is a changed place. We have to learn to adapt. Isn’t it wonderful that we have to capacity to do just that! This crisis has shown me how much we are are connected to each other…globally. We are not citizens of a city, province, state, country or even continent. We are all citizens of the world. What each of us does affects people all over the world. We all need to work together…not only now, in the midst of a pandemic, but ALWAYS…to achieve a peaceful, safe world for ourselves and our descendants.

Stay healthy…stay home…but most of all, live your life with joy!!

2 thoughts on ““The Times They Are a’Changing!”

  1. richard mancuso says:

    As an avid reader I enjoy reading your blogs. I enjoy our social media interaction. There are items I don’t agree with but respect your honesty and caring. I think one thing we both share is respect of the other. Thanks and keep at it.

    • ellenjclark says:

      Thank you, Rich, for the time you take to read what I post and for your honesty and respect. I know that you are a man who values those things and we need more people who do. Thanks again.

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