Put your arms around me.

Hug me tight.

So I know

That I’m all right.

I want so little

Yet crave so much

To know the feeling

Of a touch.

So much bottled up inside.

Things I thought that I could hide.

To feel your arms encircle me

Allows these feelings to be free.

To live without a physical connection-

A life without any affection,

Is not the life I want to live.

I want to love, I want to give.

We touch each other in many ways

Throughout the hours of our days.

But I want to feel

A touch that’s real.

I want the heat

from  head to feet.

I want to feel my body glow

When you touch me soft and slow.

To feel your breath behind my ear

Will take away the niggling fear

That I am me and only one

And my time for touching is now done.

Copyright 2019 Ellen Jill Clark

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