Events in my life have encouraged me to think about courage…what it really means; who has it; how does one exhibit courage and various other questions on this topic.

I would never have described myself as courageous. I lived my life (so far) just facing whatever happened in the best ways I could.  I do not think that my life has been any harder or easier than the lives of most people.

Recently, I have watched my son go through a rough experience…his wife decided to end their marriage.  Their two children are just one and four years old.  They have both given their best to their children, who are amazing little beings.  The situation is, of course, very sad and difficult for everyone involved.

In the beginning, when I first found out about this situation, I was very worried about all of them…especially my son and my grandchildren.  Had I ever been in this situation I doubt that I would have handled things as well as my son has.  I am so very proud of him!  He is the definition of “Courage”.

It takes such great courage to face the changes that occur in our lives.  Most of the changes that occur in our lives cause anxiety.  Some people adapt to change more easily than others.  I was never very good with change, although I must say that I have become much better with age and experience.

My definition of “courage” is the ability to face whatever life throws at you with a fierce determination to not only make the best of the situation, but with the knowledge that no matter how difficult the situation may be, you will do whatever it takes to get to where you need to be.

I am sure that most of us would not think we were “courageous” people.  Yet, I now believe that most of us are.  It is instinctive to be courageous because if we give up, what would we have?

I think that my son has taught me more about courage than anyone else in my life.  I now see that I was, indeed, courageous in many ways during my life.  And yet, I also see that there were times I should have been more courageous.

I do not think any of us should waste time on “should have dones”…we should just look around us for examples of courage and then apply what we learn when we need it.

My message to you today:  Never give up!  Be fierce!  Be bold!  Have the courage to face the obstacles you face and go forward with Beautiful Courage!

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